In 2016, I unearthed four sealed-and-unsold copies of a cassette of original material that I did in 1993. I'd had 300 copies made, and sold or given away all the others. Hadn't heard the recording in 20 years. Had forgotten all the tunes.


I've been relearning that repertoire, a project surprisingly challenging in itself, and further challenged by various other projects last year. This year, the challenge has been compounded by my unexpected return to the Minnesota Guitar Society (of which I've been a member since 1992) as  Managing Director. I hope to put up a separate page on that, in early 2019.


CURRENT NEWS: The November 4th concert at Woodbury's indoor amphitheatre was a lot of fun, and it was videorecorded by the South Washington County  Telecommunications Commission (what used to be the public cable station out there). They liked the result well enough to upload it to their YouTube channel. Do a search on my name and you'll find it---you'll also find a lot of videos by a Paul Hintz who skateboards. That is TOTALLY. NOT. ME.